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Their Greatest Need?

A Safe Place and a Supportive Environment

The Light House Project

​Many women and children leave home to go and stay in a women's refuge. Refuges are a form of temporary accommodation set up specifically for women and children     escaping domestic violence. 


   The nature of domestic violence and abuse means that the women involved are usually living from crisis-to-crisis and one of the biggest deterrents to her finding a way out is the looming question 'where can I go?' Very often victims of domestic violence need emergency accommodation  while they weigh up the best option for themselves and their children. Not every woman wants to end her marriage or relationship. But many factors need to be considered such as counseling, rebuilding boundaries and esteem, mediation, children's well being, immigration issues and/or legal intervention.

It is hard to understand just how many  decisions these women deal with or  how vulnerable and isolated they feel, not to talk of how difficult it is for them to take-that-step of actually ending the abuse! Furthermore black African and Caribbean women are faced with additional pressures brought on by cultural expectations and, social prejudice.  All this emotional turmoil and intimidation makes it difficult for abused women to navigate the process of getting help and having children only deepens their sense of anguish .


IGNITE Breakfast Clubs

​​The breakfast clubs will be launched in  selected schools within Lewisham, Bromley, Camden and Kent. Details to follow soon.

Recruiting Fairs and Workshops

​​Organised in partnership with local borough councils and private fosterng agencies. Watch this space for more information on our next event in your area.

We are very willing to visit your organisation to give a short presentation or talk promoting the benefits and opportunities of fostering black and mixed race children in the UK

Building Blocks for life

A daily meal, clean water & primary education for the children of Nateete, in the capital city of Kampala, Uganda.


​Every year we aim to support 80 children who otherwise have little hope of receiving adequate sustenance or education.

Talks and Presentations

To book one of our lively and informative talks or training presentations please call and speak to Vivien on +44(0)7835 138393 or contact us by email today.

The Light House Project acts as a one stop community advice and rescue centre for black women escaping violent abuse. We serve their needs by equipping them to make informed choices in a culturally sensitive - yet non-judgemental environment:

  • Information & Advice
  • Emotional Support
  • Facilitate access to Local Services
  • Specialist Legal Advisors
  • Immigration Advice 
  • Referral to Partner Agencies.

Seminars and Events

​Seminars and various fund-raising events are planned annually in support of the IGNITE Beneveolence initiatives and projects. For further information please contact us or sign up for our email updates HERE