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0808 2000 247 - 24hr Free Phone National Domestic Violence Helpline 

We are here to ignite hope & to support vulnerable women and children to thrive not merely survive.

Our work in the UK


Our work is focused on three main areas. Establishing FREE BREAKFAST CLUBS for primary and secondary schools. Teachers are reporting a growing demand for free breakfasts due to rising numbers of underweight lethargic pupils with signs of hunger in their classrooms (*report by Amelia Gentleman, Guardian Newspaper 19 June 2012)



​Secondly we find EMERGENCY ACCOMMODATION for Black African and Caribbean women and children whose homes have been destabilised by domestic violence and abuse. Repeated and severe forms of violence and abuse affects 1 in 8 women (*according to Womens Aid, the key national charity in UK) 

The third area of our work involves working to reduce the disaproportionate number of black and mixed race children living in care in the UK. We actively promote and recruit more people from the BME (black minority and ethnic) community to become FOSTER CARERS AND ADOPTIVE PARENTS



LightHouse Project

Sourcing privately owned safe  emergency accommodation for Black women and children needing immediate respite from domestic violence and abuse.
A simple clean bedroom or studio could mean the difference between life and death for many women and childen at risk. 
Find out more about the reasons why women need a refuge and what help the LightHouse project is able to offer......


​​Safeguarding the Dignity of Black African & Caribbean Women from Domestic Violence and Abuse

Our work in AFRICA

Providing children with building blocks of life, setting up orphanages, and providing them with the daily essentials of food, clean water and free primary education. The children we support live in Nateete, an impoverished suburb of the capital city of Kampala, Uganda